Inventive, reliable and entrepreneurial

The SG Group communicates in an open-minded way

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SG Group code of conduct

By creating a communicative working environment, we promote high level performances despite all cost- and results-orientation. The SaarGummi Group offers employees secure jobs globally and provides unlimited support whenever necessary. 


As models our employees gain recognition by integrity, credibility and ability to make decisions. We understand conflict as an opportunity for change, as we have created leeway for our own initiative and creativity. In the end, the true success stories are our employees.

Within the framework of its possibilities and rooms for action in the individual case, the SaarGummi Group voluntarily contributes to the well-being and the lasting development of global society at the locations at which it is active.
The present CoC applies to all branches and business units of the SaarGummi Group.
The SaarGummi Group pursues honest and recognised business practices and fair competition. In competition, it aligns itself to professional conduct and high-quality work. It has partner-like and trusting dealings with the monitoring authorities.
The SaarGummi Group contributes to the societal and economic development of the country and the region in which it is active and supports matching voluntary activities by its employees.