Process development

Many products and processes originate after ideas have been visualized. From an entrepreneurial point of view, all aspects of the product life cycle are viewed as an inspirational source for new ideas. Disruptive influences such as the industry 4.0 challenges, the digital transformation and many more topics are influencing our daily life more and more. Continuous improvements and industrial engineering during product launches do reveal numerous aspects that can create ideas to potentially improve our output. Ideas eventually turn into innovation provided they find a fruitful environment which we create together with our partner division SG Neo. View our website for more details.

Development of an experimental winder for complex edge protection profiles

In a common project, the “Zentrum für Mechatronik und Automatisierungstechnik GmbH” (ZeMA) and SaarGummi Group designed an experimental winder, which secures the coiling process of complex edge protection profiles. The project is founded by the EU (European Regional Development Foundation) and Saarland foundation. For SaarGummi the transfer of the SealMatic endless technology, which has long been established for vehicle doors in the body area, means a significant technical lead. The experimental winder consists of a sensitive robot system as well as a novel final effektor. Compared to conventional winding systems, such as used in simple door seals, it is possible to roll up complex profiles with the innovative experimental winder.